Best of the Best

We are excited to introduce the TSDSC Professional Best of the Best competition. This competition will be the grand finale of all Professional Open events: International Latin, International Standard, American Rhythm, and American Smooth.

TSDSC Best of the Best Rules

  1. Winner of each open professional category (Latin, Standard, Rhythm, Smooth) is eligible to compete in the TSDSC Best of the Best
  2. Should the winner choose not to compete in the TSDCS Best of the Best challenge, the runner up in that open professional category may take the place
  3. Judges marks will be calculated in accordance with the NDCA scruteniring rules and regulations.
  4. The Audience marks will be calculated by counting the number of TSDSC Chips received for each couple. The voting chips as pictured on the right will be handed out to each audience member who wishes to participate
  5. The prize money for TSDCS Best of the Best is listed on the Awards and Prizes page.