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About the Cause

Adversity: the obstacles strewn across anyone's road to success. A devilish opponent, adversity is often hard to predict and sometimes it proves too difficult to surmount. Champions are those who find their way through adversity to reach their goals. Beata is one of those rare individuals who has become a champion. Her road from teenage prodigy in Lithuania to World Champion was not paved in gold. It required incredible strength, sacrifice, dedication, determination, patience, and grace to reach the top of the Latin American Dancing. Anyone who has had the pleasure of knowing Beata personally can attest that she makes all the hard and grueling work of becoming a champion, look so easy - easy because she has an inner strength that can get her through anything.

Anything but Cancer. Beata was diagnosed with advanced stage ovarian cancer in mid-November. Unlike you and me, the cancer doesn't care about her spirit, her contribution to dancing, or her beauty. It doesn't care about her family, her husband, or their friends. It doesn't care, but we hope all of the people who have been touched by Beata do care because she needs your help.

Ballroom Dancing teaches you a lot. One of its greatest lessons is the importance of partnership. Your partner is there to support you, to bring out the best in you, to make you better than you could ever be on your own. If you are falling, your partner catches you. If you are tired, your partner helps you through. Your partner is your foundation. Fighting cancer is similar: it beats you up, it wears you out, it tears you down and your support system is what is there to make sure you don't fall down.

This adversary is going to be tough to beat. It will test her resolve more than anything she has faced before. Beata is a champion who can face any challenge, but she can't do it alone. The reality is, treating cancer is expensive and ballroom dancers still do not have access to the type of medical insurance needed to make such a battle financially possible. You can make donations to Beata's Cancer Fund by clicking here.

Beata's unexpected diagnosis is a shock to us all and incredibly sad for Beata and her family. As they begin down the road to recovery, we implore each and every one of you to "Partner with Beata" and help her beat cancer.